Product updates

Update Content Factory: new plugin features, ready to use!


At d!nk we worked very hard on some new PowerPoint plugin features our customers asked for. As from today you can play around with these new features in our latest plugin:

  • Drag & Drop
  • Dynamic Presentation Flow
  • Filter
  • Lookup Input Values
  • Image Scroll
  • Slider Rating Bar

How can you use it?

You can create more fun and interactivity in meetings, using these options as you go.

  • With the Drag & Drop you can prioritize in a playful way.
  • When using the Dynamic Presentation Flow, the order and length of a meeting can be chosen on the spot, showing only relevant topics.
  • Filter out products, based on several criteria to only continue with the applicable ones.
  • With the Lookup Input Values different scenarios can be clearly presented.
  • Use the Image Scroll for a large picture, without ruining the flow of your presentation.
  • In for a nice trip down memory lane? Use the Slider Rating Bar.

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