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Launch of d!nk browser app: use d!nk on any device


As from today, you can also use d!nk in your browser as a web app.
The d!nk web app is platform independent and does not need any installation. If you have an internet connection you can login on any device.

What will it bring you:

  • All of your content is available in the web app.
  • The web app is always up to date so no updates are needed for an optimal performance.
  • It includes the advanced d!nk functionalities like the account hub and the learning app.
  • All users will always have access to the latest commercial information.

The greatness of it all:

  • When sitting at your desk, you can login on whatever device you were already working with.
  • During an online sales meeting you can easily share your screen with your customers.
  • The Marketing team can use it to do a quick test, while creating publications.
  • No time wasted while waiting for any new devices to be setup.

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