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ebook: How to increase the adoption of mobile sales tools?


You decided to work with d!nk and you purchased tablets for your sales force to use. How can you maximise the effectiveness of the sales app and accelerate the use of the tablet by your sales force?
Here’s what we learned in the many projects d!nk has deployed.

  1. Assign Superheroes
  2. Put relevant content in the app that brings value
  3. Use analytics for continuous improvement
  4. Educate on how to use the device
  5. Educate on how to use the app
  6. Bring the app to life

Read all about a successful roll-out of sales apps in our Guide to successful roll-out.

About Hendrik Vanpoeke

Hendrik has been in international sales and marketing since 1989. He set up a succesful business in China, and is proud to be called a 'China old hands'. Being back from China, Hendrik has been helping companies to set up international business activities.

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