The d!nk beta program: Be the first to see the future of d!nk


The d!nk Beta Program lets you use and work with innovative new features developed by d!nk. Be on top of the newest ideas and functionalities not even launched yet and gain more insights in what we are building.

Is innovation your cup of tea?

Than join our beta  program and be the first to see the future of d!nk.

Currently in our program:

  • The d!nk Android app.
    You are an Android afinicado? We need you to push our Android app to the limits. If you break it, you make us happy. Please contact us at info@dink.eu and we’ll send you the love letter.
  • The d!nk Analytics v2.0.
    Analytics supercharge your d!nk experience. To evaluate your sales process and content quality or usage they need to have the correct data available at any time. Currently we are in the last sprint to launch the newest analytics which we are testing in different beta programs. Want to join? Please contact us at info@dink.eu and we’ll send you the love letter.

Looking forward to welcome you in the exclusive d!nk Beta Group!

Eager to join?
Contact us or get more info on our website.


About Kenny Wyckmans

Kenny is Marketing manager at d!NK. He joined the company in its early days. Passionate about marketing & digital communication, Kenny keeps the pulse on d!NK’s market. He is in daily contact with d!NK’s customers and prospects to understand their sales interactions and detect opportunities for d!NK to improve the sales effectiveness. An entrepreneur at heart, Kenny founded his webdesign agency in 2006 while still at school.

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