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Start building your own mobile sales tools with d!nk’s PowerPoint Plugin


Sales apps used to be the exclusive domain of programmers and designers. Not anymore! Anyone familiar with PowerPoint® can use the d!NK plug-in to create interactive sales applications and mobile tools.

What is the d!nk PowerPoint plugin? 

The d!nk plugin is the first add-on for PowerPoint that enables anyone to build and launch interactive visuals from PowerPoint to the tablets of the sales team. You just download and install the plugin from the d!nk website and an extra tab will be available in your PowerPoint. Now you’re ready to build your own mobile tools!

Plugin toolbar - standard version

Why would you want to build your own mobile sales tools?

Isn’t it amazing to build your own sales tools without the need of programmers? You create advanced sales apps straight from PowerPoint. We’re not talking about a PDF here, but about advanced sales tools  (lead forms, simulators, surveys, pitchbooks,….). With this in mind it will also be a lot faster and heck it will cost a lot less to change a comma or pixel in your sales app.

Take control over the creation of your mobile sales tools.

With the d!nk PowerPoint plugin, you’re in control over the look & feel of your visuals. Adjust mobile sales aids with the ease of creating a PowerPoint. Push the create button in the plugin and make them available on the tablets of your team.

Start building your own mobile sales tools today

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About Kenny Wyckmans

Kenny is Marketing manager at d!NK. He joined the company in its early days. Passionate about marketing & digital communication, Kenny keeps the pulse on d!NK’s market. He is in daily contact with d!NK’s customers and prospects to understand their sales interactions and detect opportunities for d!NK to improve the sales effectiveness. An entrepreneur at heart, Kenny founded his webdesign agency in 2006 while still at school.

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