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    Enable data-driven sales: Use Cases

    Integrating the data captured during the sales interaction with the customer information available in the enterprise gives insight in the effectiveness of the full sales...

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    New updates available in Portfolio Manager & d!nk App

    Managing your content has become more easy. You can now adjust the content that the sales reps are seeing even better to what they need....

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    What do 500 sales tools learn us about digital transformation in sales?

    Since d!nk was founded in 2010, our digital tools have empowered over 10,000 sales professionals to be more successful when engaging with prospects and customers....

  • 10 books that inspire sales people all over the world

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    10 Books that inspire sales people all over the world

    We’ve already shared you our favorite movies for sales affociados. Also books have the power to rock your mind. With the summer ahead of us, we’re...

  • a digital consumer

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    3 ways to achieve Sales Effectiveness

    Today’s buyers have studied your and your competitor’s products and services thoroughly before having a conversation with your sales people. The availability of information on...

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    New version: d!nk app on Android

    From now on you can use a complete new version of the d!nk app on Android. Download the d!nk app for Android here. This new...

  • Engage.Prove.Close - d!NK

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    {Infographic} Engage. Prove. Close.

    A better sales experience Being a sales-tech solutions company enables us to be close to our customer’s sales processes, which gives us insights in the way d!NK is being...

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    d!nk keeps improving: App update

    This intermediate release (iPad/iPhone app 3.2.2; and Windows app 2.2.2) brings you new features to further improve usability of the apps: Create account hub with coded link:...