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    d!NK featured on Kanaal Z

    Kanaal Z is the main business broadcaster in Belgium. In the speciality program Z-Expert, d!NK CEO Jan Dheedene was interviewed on the results of the...

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    Novartis gets market insight without spending on research

    B2B marketeers struggle to get objective and actionable feedback from customers. Accurate market insight is hard to come by. The sales force is regularly in direct...

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    d!NK joins Belgian Economic Mission to the USA

    d!NK will participate in the Belgian Economic Mission to the United States from June 2 till June 9 together with 393 participants of which 315...

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    Zoetis goes tablets

    It is always great to discover how our customers embrace new sales tools and how they measure the success rate. Zoetis (the former Pfizer animal...

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    d!NK – team @ Cebit: a Hannover-view

    Cebit is the yearly ‘pow-wow’ of the European IT crowd, a CES-in-Europe, but without Eifel towers and Venetian campaniles. The dINK team explored, touched and...

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    dINK @ EyeForPharma Conference – Barcelona

    This conference is dedicated to challenges and solutions for pharma marketing. It is the fifth time we attend and we have seen the event evolve from...

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    d!NK team at Forrester’s Forum – Scottsdale USA

    What is it? A 2-day conference and forum built around sales enablement, dedicated to professionals. Where: Scottsdale Arizona USA Agenda:  Over 30 presentations in 2...

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    Video report 1st sales engagement seminar

    Tablets are around for just 18 months and are only at the beginning of their potential to reshape the sales interaction. dINK actively stimulates exchange...