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Hi, my name is Sander Van keer. A proud citizen of my hometown Mechelen. Normally you can find me in the theater, on the tennis court or on the soccer field, but if you want to meet me nowadays, you have to come to Turnhout where I am an intern at the SalesTech startup d!nk.

d!nk in Croatia

The d!nk Team in Croatia

The d!nk team is really something special. Everyone has its own character but they have a couple of things in common. First of all, they all work very hard. From the first, until the last moment off the day, they do everything within their power to complete the things the customer asked. The customer is the most important for the d!nk team.

On the other hand, the team is a combination of very nice and funny people who are always there to help you when you have some difficulties. For them I am not really an intern, but they treat me like a pupil. They want to teach me everything they know.

At d!nk we want you to look back at your internship and know that you’ve improved your skills.


After three weeks working at d!nk I learned a lot. I learned technical skills are important, but communication is as important. Learning about life is maybe the most important. What do I want to achieve? What are my plans when I am graduated? They really want to help me in this journey, and I can only be happy with that attitude.

Turnhout is perhaps the new Silicon Valley, and this is why..

  • At d!nk you work in different offices with custom made desks that makes all the work a bit easier. You can actually feel the “startup vibe” at the office. New fancy technologies like apple TV, or a ping-pong table and a dartboard are available at the office.
  • The office is located in the city center of Turnhout, near the train station, what is very convenient for me because I have to make a fifty-minute train journey to get to Turnhout, but it is totally worth it. At noon you only have to walk a couple of minutes to reach some nice coffee bars and some good restaurants. We really enjoy the good restaurants sometimes.

Fridays be like…

  • Sweatpants Friday are the best! Although I love working at the office all week, I also like working at home every Friday. I can sleep longer and I can wear my sweatpants all day! I really want to thank d!nk for this opportunity and the confidence they give me!

This is why I would recommend working for d!nk…

  • You learn what it’s like to be part of a startup. The experience is unique, you really are a part of it. It is in your power to help the company in achieving their goals.
  • Because you work in a startup, the work you get is very variously. You are not a designer, a developer or video editor. You are a designer/developer/video editor.
  • Las but not least: the people. If you search for an internship and you want the people of your company to be the best ever, your search is now complete. The d!nk team treats me like one of their own. A good combination of serious hard work and funny interactions is essential in a good work environment.

After only three weeks, I know I made the right decision.

If you want to know more of what I do or who I am, visit my blog or my portfolio.

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