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Why iOS 9 is good for sales people


September means a new update of iOS, the software that runs iPads and iPhones.

So what’s great about iOS9 ? We find it the best update of iOS for sales people.
This time Apple has focused on what truly matters: Productivity.

Here’s a quick overview of why iOS9 is good for sales people:

1) New multitasking features on iPad make you even more productive.

While you’re with a customer, you call up your calendar or CRM app to schedule a meeting.

d!NK Multitask with iOS9

Just swipe from the right, and you can choose another app like email, calendar, photos.

2) Siri can do more than ever, and new proactive suggestions help you get things done before you ask.

Siri is the virtual assistant of iPad/iPhone. And she (you can change it to he and also to your language) got a lot smarter in iOS9.

For people like us who spend a lot of time in the car, it’s a well-spent investment to get to know the power of Siri.

  • Ask for your next meeting or today’s schedule.
  • Ask for directions to your next customer, while you’re in your car.
  • Ask for the telephone number of your client.
  • Ask for the traffic to your next destination

Press long on the Home button and you’ll be surprised how far Siri has got

 3) New notes

With this update you’ll be able to enjoy a couple of new and updated apps. The one we are excited about is the update for the Notes app, now you can use it to:

  • Turn lists into checklists
  • Add notes from Photo’s
  • Turn thoughts into sketches


4) Better battery life

Apple claims your battery will last an hour longer, and we also experience this in the first days of using iOS9.

We like very much the view of which apps consume most energy and the ‘save battery life’ function on the iPhone (not on the iPad).


When reaching 20% remaining battery, your iPhone will switch to “Low Power Mode” and disable all energy consuming functions. We hope this feature will also come to the iPad.

In short: the iOS9 update comes with a lot of new and improved features to make sales even more productive.

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Kenny is Marketing manager at d!NK. He joined the company in its early days. Passionate about marketing & digital communication, Kenny keeps the pulse on d!NK’s market. He is in daily contact with d!NK’s customers and prospects to understand their sales interactions and detect opportunities for d!NK to improve the sales effectiveness. An entrepreneur at heart, Kenny founded his webdesign agency in 2006 while still at school.

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