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14 Inspiring sales apps for pharmaceutical sales reps [Ebook]


Inspiring sales apps for pharmaceutical sales reps

The growing consolidation of hospitals and the rise of health economics has profound impact on the sales activities of pharmaceutical companies. Prescribers have less flexibility and purchasers let the market forces play. Pharma sales representatives are evolving to digital- savvy account managers.

Digital channels provide sales representatives to become the pivot in engaging with diverse non-clinical stakeholders in an omni-channel sales environment.

The use of effective mobile sales apps for pharmaceutical sales reps is more important than ever! That’s why we’ve collected 14 inspiring sales apps for pharmaceutical companies to make each sales person as smart as the organization by capturing the market knowledge of sales reps without compromising in sales time.
inspiring sales apps for pharmaceutical sales reps

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Business software has contributed greatly to the growth of companies. Workers are empowered with tools that provide real-time global communication, instant access to knowledge and relieve of administrative burden.
This holds true as long as workers sit behind their screen: the efficiency of today’s software environment stops as soon as workers are in the field, in a sales conversation or on the move.
d!nk builds tools and solutions that make people in the field as effective as behind their screen.

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