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How to move from sales enablement to sales excellence?


In recent years, lots of attention and resources have gone to CRM systems to build effective sales organizations. These investments create efficiencies in the back-office, but also lead to an administrative burden on the sales people.

With the data systems in place, it is time to move the focus from sales effectiveness to sales excellence: connect the structured data collected from each sales interaction to the actual revenues and use this knowledge to recommend the best sales tools to prepare, engage and follow-up each customer interaction.

Sales excellence has a great impact on the sales person’s effectiveness by suggesting the most appropriate sales tools in preparation and follow-up of sales meetings

Data-driven sales tools

A few weeks a go, we provided some use cases of the benefits of using interactive sales tools instead of plain presentations. On top of the improved customer engagement, data-driven sales tools provide structured feedback from each customer interaction: d!nk pitchbooks and sales tools contain interactive elements that capture the input of customers in simulators, configurators and other interactive sales tools. The captured data is fed to existing customer information systems like CRM.

Integrating the data captured during the sales interaction with the customer information available in the enterprise gives insight in the effectiveness of the full sales process, from lead generation to deal closing and account management. Based on the link between sales results and sales interactions, sales tools and processes are continuously improved.

The d!nk integration with enterprise information systems like CRM, ERP or BI is achieved with the d!nk data Connector, a stand-alone module that integrates the d!nk sales interaction applications with the business information systems of the enterprise.

d!nk has empowered thousands of sales people to bring the most effective sales pitch to prospects and customers. Based on the data captured from the sales interactions, d!nk provides the knowledge to improve sales tools and processes. The integration of d!nk with the enterprise fulfillment and commercial data infrastructure unlocks a world of possibilities to bring the sales process and customer interactions to a next level of Sales Excellence.


About d!NK- Engage. Prove. Close.

d!nk helps companies to transform their sales processes from inside-out focus and administrative pingpong into customer centric and streamlined flow-through interactions. Companies in 46 countries rely on d!nk to build a robust pipeline, increase hit rate and ultimately achieve higher sales revenues. Turn to d!nk to build a smarter sales organisation, learn from the best salespeople and accelerate innovation.

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