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d!nk is ready for GDPR


The GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation – will come into force on May 25th 2018. By that moment, each enterprise needs to prove that the processing of personal data is compliant to the GDPR.

d!nk is getting ready for GDPR. We have made substantial upgrades to the d!nk system to be compliant to the upcoming data protection regulation. Read all about it in the security and privacy statement.

The latest app releases contain security and privacy features required for GDPR compliance:

  • Strong password policy and lockout of app when too many wrong password attemps
  • Secure communication between the app and the d!nk system (SSL pinning)
  • Encryption: the content on the d!nk system is encrypted and can only be opened in the d!nk app

We have followed up the data privacy regulation and GDPR since the founding of d!nk in 2010 and we see data protection as an opportunity for customer engagement. On our website, we share how we implemented the GDPR compliance.

About Hendrik Vanpoeke

Hendrik has been in international sales and marketing since 1989. He set up a succesful business in China, and is proud to be called a 'China old hands'. Being back from China, Hendrik has been helping companies to set up international business activities.

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