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Engage. Prove. Close.


In a customer-centric world, sales people need to have the company’s knowledge at their fingertips.

Engage. Prove. Close.

All sales people know the importance of the attention span. The longer your pitch meanders around, the less impact your pitch will get. Effective sales people get attention and keep it. Powerpoint Disease is for suckers.

Introducing: interactive pitchbooks

We are told to ask for the customer’s needs. But plain survey questions are not appreciated by smart customers who expect to learn something rather than to be nose-picked.

Interactive Pitchbooks are the solution: by presenting challenging market information – a good one is the gap between “% of market is asking for ABC” versus “common industry practice is XYZ”, smart customers will be triggered to reveal how they currently work and what their plans are. Use relevant reference cases to trigger discussions on how things can be done differently. Ask a customer to pick priorities from the many things that your product can achieve. If your audience starts to discuss among themselves… sit back and enjoy: you are the master of the show now.

Interactive pitchbooks not only position you as an expert, but also engage your audience while you capture the context.

Prove: let the numbers do the talking

You’re the expert now and the audience is listening. Product pushing would be such an old-school downer. Instead, you continue the pitch by proving the benefit of your product or service in the context of your prospect. Get out your RoI simulators, business case optimisers, total cost of ownership configurators to prove your challenging statements. Again, you get engagement and capture customer information at the same time.

And finally: close

In B2B sales, closing comes in many shapes. A signed purchase order is rarely the outcome of a first meeting in B2B. Still, you’d like to leave behind a price estimation or a configuration. The sales cycle will be reduced by already planning the next meeting on the spot. Each step in the sales process has its closing objectives, with the right closing tools you’ll always be closing – as the master taught us (see #7  sales movie quotes).

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