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Enable data-driven sales: Use Cases


Integrating the data captured during the sales interaction with the customer information available in the enterprise gives insight in the effectiveness of the full sales process, from lead generation to deal closing and account management.

Use Cases 

  1. Eliminate the visit report

Many organisations do not reach the real potential of CRM a visit reports are often subjective and unstructured, and are considered unproductive by sales people. The d!nk CRM Connector feeds all the information collected during the sales meeting (results of simulators, site pictures, need prioritisation,…) into structured visit reports into the CRM – without additional work by the sales person.

  1. Customer centric guided selling

Based on the customer or prospect profile and sales stage retrieved from CRM, the sales pitch in d!nk is adapted to fit the profile of the next customer session. The d!nk CRM Connector unlocks a highly customized sales experience with higher success rate.

“From Sales Effectiveness to Sales Excellence”

  1. Feedback for improving the sales process

Measurable analytics of sales interactions and outcomes enable marketeers to build and improve sales tools which are highly tailored to the target customers and enable true value adding to sales interactions.

  1. Predictive sales

Based on the results of hundreds of sales meetings with similar customers, the best sales pitch is suggested before the meeting and the best next action to follow up on the meeting. Sales tools specifically designed for data-driven sales yield a wealth of data that support the sales people to be manyfold more effective.

  1. Market Intelligence

d!nk Market Insight enables you to use the full potential of your sales channel to gather market intelligence at the source. Build smart surveys that minimise the load for your sales people and feed the output to your customer information systems (CRM) or business intelligence systems for market segmentation, forecasting, target setting or product feature valuation. Consistent data gathering over time yields additional insights in evolution of market position.

  1. Account performance

Preparing account reviews is often a time-consuming activity requiring the sales person to gather information from different sources (fullfilment, complaints, invoicing, offers,…) and prepare a customised report. With the d!nk CRM connector, a pre-formatted report is filled with account data and always up to date for the next account review.


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