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5 effective sales tools for the financial industry


New World of Sales … also in banking

In corporate and private banking, bankers are confronted with knowledgeable and demanding clients. Prospecting customers have done their research and expect the professional advice to match their high expectations and address their issues.

On top of that, today’s customers expect immediate follow-up, with tailored proposals that stand out. To maintain the expected level of personalised expert advice, bankers need immediate access to the knowledge available in their organization. They also need the tools to create quotations and close deals on the spot. Moreover, for the organization to learn from each customer interaction, bankers need to feedback customer data to their organization to create a 360º view of the customers.

Add value to any customer interaction

In recent years, lots of attention and resources have gone to CRM systems (customer relationship management) and STP (straight-through processes) to build efficient organizations. These investments create efficiencies in the back-office, but not necessarily add value to the place where the value creation starts: the actual customer interaction. Actually, the focus on efficiency has often reduced investments in personal relationships.
Mobile sales tools reverse this trend and empower the bankers to offer more added value to their customers and the organisation by combining the power of the personal channel with the power of digital tools.

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5 effective sales tools

We further elaborate on the transformation of the sales interaction in banking in our Discovery Paper. Below are some examples of sales tools that have proven to increase the effectiveness of bankers’ commercial interactions.

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  1. Interactive Pitchbooks
    Identify customer preferences and pitch corresponding solutions.
  2. Simulators
    Identify customer preferences and pitch corresponding solutions.
  3. Digital order forms
    Streamline your paperwork. Collect accurate input and send out forms on the spot.
  4. Pre-launch / Event surveys
    No lead is lost on an event. Using surveys you get instant feedback and actionable information on the spot.
  5. Competency assessment
    Coaching tools in a format suited to the mobile banker.
Feeling inspired?
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