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Dress-up naked technology


“There is an app for that”

If you’re in sales or mobile technology you probably are familiar with this phrase, implying that today’s business issues can be solved with an app.

But is it the app that will make your business run better? Or is it the lasting impact on the way of working that drives new business?

Why Naked is not always good.

Working closely with actual users, we experience  daily that technology by itself is naked. Well-built apps can lead to more productivity. By making communication smoother or by providing access to up-to-date information. This is the low-hanging fruit of the app promise. In order to really improve the way of working, an app needs to simplify business processes. When applied to sales interaction, this boils down to making the sales process more effective in different ways:

  1. Increasing deal value: Engage your customer with the proper tools.
  2. Reducing the number of sales calls: Prove your benefit using technology that can provide that.
  3. Increasing hit rate: Close deals faster with the right information at the right time for the right customer.

Apps that make your sales more effective don’t come out of the box. Each sales interaction, each customer, each simulator, each intake survey is different. What you need is a kit that enables you to create tools for all sales situations.

Dress-up naked technology

We used to present our features to sales people, they were not interested… Now we show examples of how they can make their sales interactions better. That works.

“Salespeople don’t need technology, they need tools that make them sell more”

That’s why we go beyond the app and focus on improving the sales process. We devised a program aimed at identifying the killer sales tools. We start with discovery workshops to inspire sales people and to discover needs and opportunities aligned with their sales processes and strategy. After we identified the first tools, we join actual sales interactions to further finetune the solutions. Only when we are sure that we are addressing the right opportunities, we bring in the technology.

This results in a comprehensive set of  sales tools, that have immediate impact on the effectiveness of the sales interaction.

If you are looking for an app that has a profound impact on your business, look beyond the app. Make sure it is adapted or adaptable to your situation.

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About Kenny Wyckmans

Kenny is Marketing manager at d!NK. He joined the company in its early days. Passionate about marketing & digital communication, Kenny keeps the pulse on d!NK’s market. He is in daily contact with d!NK’s customers and prospects to understand their sales interactions and detect opportunities for d!NK to improve the sales effectiveness. An entrepreneur at heart, Kenny founded his webdesign agency in 2006 while still at school.

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