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d!NK donates to Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs


In the 3 weeks since the Sales Engagement Survey was launched, 80 respondents have completed the survey. This means we can donate 2000 Euro to Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs.

Why did we come to choose Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs as the beneficiaries of our donation? There are many of good causes to support, and we had long discussions inside dINK which one to choose. Being a company, we thought we best stick to our own trade and support a business in the South. That’s how we discovered Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs (NL / FR).

Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs was founded in 2001 by  Fons Verplaetse, former governor of the National Bank of Belgium. In the meantime, 130 companies are member of the network. Apart from financial support, Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs also arranges exchange of skills and competence of experienced entrepreneurs to businesses in the South.

Our donation will be used for setting up a quality control system for tea producers in Yen Lap District, Phu Tho Province in Vietnam. More info here.

About Dieter Schallenbergh

Dieter is an expert in finding true sales support value. He has been successful in defining sales support content on tablets for about 4 years now and has specialised his expertise in healthcare apps. His experience with projects in different size companies makes that he can understand and evaluate every customer's needs.

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