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d!nk is Veeva CLM certified



We are happy to announce that we are now officially Veeva CLM certified.

The lifesciences industry is changing rapidly. So you need a partner that is able to grow with you. This certification reflects the true value of d!nk and shows that we are here for the long run to make each sales interaction as effective as possible.

This certificate shows that d!nk is one of the content creators that have been trained to develop content that takes full advantage of Veeva’s multichannel suite of products. Moreover we now have access to unlimited training, strategic and technical support. These tools enables us, as a Salestech company, to be successful whether developing content for CLM, Approved Email, Engage, or CoBrowse.

Veeva CLM certified

About d!nk: SalesTech partner of the mobile enterprise

Business software has contributed greatly to the growth of companies. Workers are empowered with tools that provide real-time global communication, instant access to knowledge and relieve of administrative burden.
This holds true as long as workers sit behind their screen: the efficiency of today’s software environment stops as soon as workers are in the field, in a sales conversation or on the move.
d!nk builds tools and solutions that make people in the field as effective as behind their screen.

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d!nk helps companies to transform their sales processes from inside-out focus and administrative pingpong into customer centric and streamlined flow-through interactions. Companies in 46 countries rely on d!nk to build a robust pipeline, increase hit rate and ultimately achieve higher sales revenues. Turn to d!nk to build a smarter sales organisation, learn from the best salespeople and accelerate innovation. Visit for more information on sales effectiveness as an enabler for growth.

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