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d!nk is making sales interactions better, faster and more effective.


We’ve been featured in a great article of iMinds elaborating the d!nk concept: Making sales interactions better!

With clients in 46 countries and doubling revenues in 2015, iMinds start-up d!nk is the proof that the best business advise anyone can offer is to listen to the market. d!nk markets a successful sales app that provides engaging sales tools. d!nk helps sales people optimize client sales interactions by giving them access to accurate insights on the company and by offering the possibility to make on-site calculations and simulations based on information provided by the client.

“Several companies offer sales tools, but these are merely standardized software and applications.”

Asked why d!nk is unique, this is what Jan Dheedene, our CEO, had to say: “Several companies offer sales tools, but these are merely standardized software and applications. On the other hand, there are many consultants and integrators eager to build a solution custom made for you. d!nk fills the empty space in between, by offering a sales tool you can customize to your specific sales interactions to have a measurable impact on your sales process.”


d!nk – Engage. Prove. Close.

d!nk helps companies to transform their sales processes from inside-out focus and administrative pingpong into customer centric and streamlined flow-through interactions. Companies in 46 countries rely on d!nk to build a robust pipeline, increase hit rate and ultimately achieve higher sales revenues. Turn to d!nk to build a smarter sales organisation, learn from the best salespeople and accelerate innovation.

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About Kenny Wyckmans

Kenny is Marketing manager at d!NK. He joined the company in its early days. Passionate about marketing & digital communication, Kenny keeps the pulse on d!NK’s market. He is in daily contact with d!NK’s customers and prospects to understand their sales interactions and detect opportunities for d!NK to improve the sales effectiveness. An entrepreneur at heart, Kenny founded his webdesign agency in 2006 while still at school.

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