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d!nk launches product website for PowerPoint Plugin



We are very happy to launch our dedicated product website

This launch is another important step to make each sales interaction as effective as possible. With this site we hope to provide valuable insights in what’s possible with the d!nk PowerPoint Plugin with direct links to required support articles and useful material.

The website also allows visitors to request a free trial or a demonstration of our plugin in action. A d!nk professional will gladly take the time to present you all the capabilities of the d!nk Plugin so you can start building right away!

Discover mobile tools

Furthermore you can now discover awesome applications such as interactive visuals, surveys, simulators, configurations, mobile tools and much more! This makes it easier for our current customers who are already using the PowerPoint Plugin to get inspired and create next-generation sales tools.

Get started today

Find out why everyone can build mobile sales tools with PowerPoint and how d!nk can help you do that!
Visit the d!nk PowerPoint Plugin Product site.

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d!nk helps companies to transform their sales processes from inside-out focus and administrative pingpong into customer centric and streamlined flow-through interactions. Companies in 46 countries rely on d!nk to build a robust pipeline, increase hit rate and ultimately achieve higher sales revenues. Turn to d!nk to build a smarter sales organisation, learn from the best salespeople and accelerate innovation. Visit for more information on sales effectiveness as an enabler for growth.

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