Product updates

d!nk keeps improving: App update


This intermediate release (iPad/iPhone app 3.2.2; and Windows app 2.2.2) brings you new features to further improve usability of the apps:

  • Create account hub with coded link: you can now choose to send an Account Hub via secure login or with a coded link
  • Add expiry to publications shared in Account Hub
  • Improved languages handling: you can now set the app to display more than 1 language. Discover more…

Especially for the  Windows app, we have greatly improved the navigation. All the navigation in the homepage and the kiosks is now from icons on the page instead of the toolbars.

About Hendrik Vanpoeke

Hendrik has been in international sales and marketing since 1989. He set up a succesful business in China, and is proud to be called a 'China old hands'. Being back from China, Hendrik has been helping companies to set up international business activities.

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