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d!NK joins Belgian Economic Mission to the USA


d!NK will participate in the Belgian Economic Mission to the United States from June 2 till June 9 together with 393 participants of which 315 businessmen and women and headed by the Belgian Crown Prince Philippe.

The top five most represented sectors for this mission are: ICT & Telecom (84 companies), Pharmaceutical & biotech (15 companies), Audiovisual (14 companies), Legal Services (13 companies) and Design & Fashion (12 companies).

The event is organized by a number of trade associations, federations, business communities and the Belgium Chambers of Commerce.

«The USA is a strategic market for d!NK» comments Jan Dheedene, Managing Director of d!NK.
«Some of our main customers are US-companies and we are setting up an operational structure in the USA to expand our reach with new and existing partners, companies and associations. We have experienced strong demand for our software application from US enterprises. This mission will allow us to present our knowledge and experience to the US market,» Dheedene explains.

Baudouin Corlùy, Director Agoria ICT confirms: «companies like dINK have the potential for international growth and the economic mission provides a springboard for high-level contacts to assess the US market environment.»

d!NK will showcase its applications and tools to improve sales processes effectiveness.

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