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d!nk Customer Success Event: Highlights


Relive the first d!nk Customer Success Event filled with interesting speakers, innovative product updates and a culinary surprise.

We were happy to welcome customers that have been with us from the beginning and newcomers that just started with d!nk.

The speakers

Top-notch speakers supplied us with great insights, useful information and illustrated why d!nk enables more effective sales.

Johan Van Mol – Keynote: “Creativity in action”.

Johan highlighted the nature of the creative thought process in innovation and design and demonstrated some of the tools used at Studio Peter Van Riet to turn creativity into meaningful stuff. Forgot about “ideation carnival”… instead spend time in problem space, dive into the real world, and the creative solutions will come. At d!nk, we use the RoSE program to spend time in problem space in order to define mobile sales tools.

Siska Bossuyt – Keynote: “How To win, serve, and retain your customers in a digital world”.

Siska focused on the changing world of buyers. She explains that the Age of the Customer is here and customers know your product or service before you even have entered the room, so how do you stand out? How do you provide customers with a real experience that makes them come back or even become an ambassador for your brand? Never forget to listen to your customer!

Dirk Stevens – Keynote: “Why good data visualization saves lives”.

Have you ever struggled with data that is hard to read and probably gives you a wrong impression of the real situation? In his keynote, Dirk talked about bringing people closer to data and making data actionable. At d!nk, we beautifully visualise survey statistics that will enable you to make the right business decisions.

Jan Dheedene – Keynote: “New innovative features of d!nk”

Combine these 3 topics and you’ll understand why d!nk has come up with new innovative features such as Account Hub, Document Generator and actionable analytics. Jan made sure that everyone in the room was excited to make their way to our showcases where our team was ready to show our newest features in live demonstrations.

The hands-on Workshops

The 3 product workshops had to compete with the exclusive gin tasting,  a tough challenge. We concluded the evening with a trip to the clouds: the skywalk at the top of the  Sint-Rombouts tower where we provided some more drinks that gave the evening a perfect final touch.


The whole team of d!nk would like to thank all our customers from different industries that have attended our event and we would like to see you next time!



About Hendrik Vanpoeke

Hendrik has been in international sales and marketing since 1989. He set up a succesful business in China, and is proud to be called a 'China old hands'. Being back from China, Hendrik has been helping companies to set up international business activities.

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