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d!nk Connect: the new d!nk sales app



We have read the literature on creating meaningful stuff: it’s easy to design things the way you need. But it takes hard work and expertise to design things your customers need.

With the new update of the d!nk app we did not just design fancy technical features. Based on the RoSE workshops we hold with hundreds of sales people,  we designed the new app bottom-up with features that really matter for sales people in the field.

A bottom-up redesign to make the best sales app out there.

With this update we didn’t just want to make a good sales app. Our aim was to make the d!nk Connect app the sales person’s best friend. d!nk Connect is where you are connected the enterprise, where you find the perfect sales pitch and where you connect with your prospect. In short: with the d!nk Connect app, you engage, prove and close.

So what did we change?

We took the idea of making sales collateral available to the sales person and brought it to a whole new level of interaction. The app landingpage gives you a heads up of for starting your sales day and preparing for your customer meetings: check if new sales collateral is available, check the newsfeed, discover new training, prepare the content of your upcoming meetings.

From a library of documents …

… to the sales person best friend

Old d!nk app library of tools Dashboard

From follow up emails and administration slack to d!nk Microsites

Email clutter and administration slack is what sucks most energy from sales people. A whopping 29% of salestime is spent on non-sales activities. With d!nk Microsites all follow up e-mails and “have you seen my last proposal”-mails are obsolete. Instead, you invite your customer during the meeting to a d!nk microsite shared between you and the customer.

From email clutter to…

… a virtual meeting point with
your customers

Old dink app sending email


From static navigation to dynamic navigation

Each salesperson is different and each salesperson has his own way of using sales content. That’s a fact. This is why we wanted to have multiple ways of finding and browsing to that important piece of content that you need as fast as possible.

Search for your content in our search bar, find it in the “recent” section, mark it as a “key publication” or open it from the “newest publication panel.”

From 1 level of navigation to…

Multiple ways to your documents…

Dink old application Multiple-navigation

So yeah…we changed a lot. But why talking about it if you can try it out for yourself in an online demo? Contact one of our d!nk Professionals and you’ll be on your way in no-time. Can’t wait to read more? Than discover detailed information about the new d!nk app Connect on our support pages.


Request an online demo of the new app right away

Request a demo of the new app.

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