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dINK integrates with SugarCRM


The CRM Warehouse, an innovative enterprise application provider, has partnered with d!NK to offer an integrated customer management application, not only offering lead nurturing (MAS) but also a customer database (CRM) and insight in the face-to-face interactions (dINK Sales Enablement).
The CRM Warehouse developed an integration of SugarCRM with d!NK.
Additionally, d!NK is integrated with Box document management for offering Sales Enablement: the right sales document at the fingertips of the right sales person, always up-to-date.
“Our customers are excited by the surveys offering a feedback channel from the face-to-face customer interactions. The easiness to create and deploy surveys  – straight from Powerpoint – is truly amazing. Our customers can’t wait to get market insight from customer meetings,” commented Tom Symoens, managing director of The CRM Warehouse.
That’s what d!NK calls “Sales Engagement”: offering insight in the face-to-face interaction with customers and prospects and integrating this valuable information into the customer acquisition intelligence.

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Dieter is an expert in finding true sales support value. He has been successful in defining sales support content on tablets for about 4 years now and has specialised his expertise in healthcare apps. His experience with projects in different size companies makes that he can understand and evaluate every customer's needs.

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