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dINK @ EyeForPharma Conference – Barcelona


This conference is dedicated to challenges and solutions for pharma marketing. It is the fifth time we attend and we have seen the event evolve from less than 100 participants to this year’s legion of 850 attendees, including more than 100 speakers in 3 busy days.

What did we learn ?

The Conference started this year with a brand new initiative: The Keynote Customer Day.
The 3 discussion panels from doctors, payors and patients gave a glimpse of the future of healthcare and the role of patient groups and prescription behaviour.

Payors panel
The payors finance the healthcare. A substantial share of healthcare costs is for pharmaceutical drugs and at many moments during the panel debate, it was clear the water between payors and pharma was very deep.
We observe a shift from buyer-supplier mindset to a healthcare partnership.
This transition is promising to be a rough ride: payors are expecting to be more involved as a stakeholder in the strategic decisions of pharmaceutical companies, for instance how the marketing budgets are spent (focus on prevention, patient education). Payors demand the patient perspective to be prominently present in R&D allocation.
In the meantime, energy is spent on price negotiations that put the industry under pressure without addressing the structure at its foundations.

Physician panel: connect to new doctor
Also the doctor is in for more transformation. The present doctors spend more than 75% of their time with patients on information and health questions. In UK there is a drive to increase the time spend on diagnosis and therapy advice by shuffling the info-time to nurses, patient groups and pharmacists.
The present trend limiting the prescription freedom of the medical doctor will continue. Payors will further standardise prescription guidelines, and nurses and pharmacist take over the prescription. The role of patient groups to push for certain drugs will increase.

How do physicians see the role of reps?
The ‘new’ rep (aka the only rep they want to spend time with) is empowered and able to have a value-add personal conversation with the health care professional.
An interesting trend: in UK more and more doctors set up peer meetings were they invite sales reps from ernt companies that sell similar drugs and let them discuss between them. HCP are asking the questions, the reps play what they called “rep tennis”.

Patient panel: Power to the patients
The world evolves to a patient “pull” environment. Also the patient gets a voice. The number of patient groups grew since 2000 from almost none to 120.000 today. Those patient groups will influnce prescription patterns, and maybe even the R&D bastions.

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