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5 tips for an effective sales presentation


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A well-prepared sales presentation is the foundation of a good sales conversation. But how do you create an effective sales presentation that eventually will turn your prospect into a new customer?

5 tips for an effective sales presentation

  • Tip 1: The Goal
    Think about the goal of your sales presentation and the desired outcome? This might be obvious but, it is frequently overlooked. Closing the deal can be on top of your mind, but since studies have shown that it can take 7 or more interactions to close a sale, you might want to think of another goal.
  • Tip 2: Easy navigation
    Provide easy navigation to jump to desired parts of your conversation
  • Tip 3: Get feedback, ask for questions
    When meeting up with your customer, you’re in what we call, “the blind spot of sales”, because except for you and your prospect, nobody really knows what happens during that moment. So it’s important to ask the right questions that will help you find out the needs of your prospect, this enables you to jump to the parts of your presentation that are interesting for your prospect, making the sales conversation more effective.
  • Tip 4: Capturing valuable information
    Listen to your customer. Let them talk about what’s important for them. The only thing you need to do is making sure you can capture all the information that you receive from your prospect at that point. A PowerPoint presentation is a good start but it won’t let you capture the information that is at hand, writing things down on a note is old-school but it will give you extra work after the meeting.
    In this age there are much easier ways to capture data during a sales call. And since you most likely will use a PowerPoint to present, you might be interesting in our PowerPoint Plugin tool to turn PowerPoint presentations into interactive visuals for your tablet.

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  • Tip 5: Keep it short
    Keeping your presentation as short as possible enables you to put the focus on the most critical aspect of your offering. Being excited in the process is a plus but don’t be so excited that you ramble on for extended periods of time during the presentation. If you do, prospects will quickly start to lose interest. So keep it short and dedicate it to your most valuable part of the presentation.


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