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3 effective sales tools for the pharmaceutical industry


The informed buyer is here and the skills relevant to sales people have evolved. Nobody wants to see a sales person presenting what can be found on the company’s website anymore. Sales reps have to deserve the time they take from our busy schedules, by offering qualitative information and insights. Product pushing is a thing of the previous century.

Show me expertise and I will show you the money.

Sales processes have evolved. IT driven CRM is being replaced by nimble applications supporting the sales activities that turn a lead into a loyal customer.

Still, the actual sales interaction remains a blind spot for these sales management application. When in front of the customer, you’re on your own, mr(s). sales.

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Tools supporting the sales interaction are evolving – slowly. The tools for pushing products – the linear presentation – are still infecting sales interactions across the globe.

Tools adapted to the new world of sales drive the sales person to take show expertise and control of the sales conversation in order to capture needs, demonstrate the matching capabilities and sell beyond the sales meeting by gathering -during the sales interaction- all the information needed to follow up in the most efficient way.

3 effective sales tools for the pharmaceutical industry:

1. Engage prescribers from stunning interactive detail Aids…

inspiring sales apps for Medical Technology

… to interactive surveys


2. Sell beyond the sales meeting – turn your B reps into A reps with Competency assessment Coaching tools in a format suited to the mobile sales rep



3. Pre-launch survey: Getting market feedback before launching a new campaign



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Dieter is an expert in finding true sales support value. He has been successful in defining sales support content on tablets for about 4 years now and has specialised his expertise in healthcare apps. His experience with projects in different size companies makes that he can understand and evaluate every customer's needs.

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